8 days in August 2006

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We bought a standard charter tour to Tyrkey at the Danish charter tour company Apollo Rejser and decided to stay in Kas because we prefere smaller towns.

About Tyrkey: Tyrkey is both European and Asian at the same time divided by the Bosporus Strait connecting Mediterranian Sea with The Black Sea.
West of Turkey is Bulgaria and Greece. To the east is Georga, Armenia and Iran. To the north is The Black Sea and to the south is Syria and Iraq.

Traveling time:
We went with Scandinavian Airline System from Billund in Denmark directly to Dalaman in Turkey. That takes 3½ hour amd from the airport it takes 3 hours by car to Kas.

Distances:  North-south is about 600 km and east-west is about 1400 km.

Area: 780.580 km2.

Time difference: Tyrkey is 2 hours ahead of CET.

Currency: Lira.

Climate: May to September is very hot - up to 34 °C. But in the spring and fall it is like the Central European summer.


We rented a car as usual and went on one-day trips around the Kas area.
Her you can see the tomb of Saint Nicolaos which was not very interesting but the Cave City of Myra is really impressing. As always, be early to get there before the tour buses arrive. The places opens up about eight in the morning.
The place has a very special atmosphere and it is nice to have it all to yourself.

Roman ruins of more or less interesting carracters are scattered all over the Mediteranian countries and that includes Turkey as well. We mostly avoid them but those placed next to Myra are very well preserved and worth visiting.

The tour buses started arriving when we left at about ten.



We also went on a boat trip with one of these glass bottom boats to the sunken city Kekowa. This was not interesting but the sea around Kas is great for snorkeling.

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