Gomera, Spain

8 days in November 2005

Photo album

The holiday to Gomera in Spain is an ordinary charter tour bought from the Danish company Apollo Rejser.

About Gomera: The island is located of the west coast of Africa (click for map) and is one of the Canarien Islands (click for map). Gomera is almost circle shaped and just about 20 km i diameter. Don´t let this trick you. The distance by road from the main city San Sebastian to Valle Gran Ray (Valley of the Kings) where we stayed is almost 60 kilometers. Gomera is a vulcanic island and climate, geografi and vegitation is formed by this evolution. The mountains here look like nothing else I have seen. You can find steep naked mountain walls, sloaps with bush growth and valleys with lush vegitation and plantations of bananas.

Flying time from Denmark: 5 hours.

Currency: Euro

Climate: We didnot have the best weather as can be found here at this time of year. The temperatures during day at about24° C and at night about 17° C. But changing from day to day. Temperature ofcourse drops with increasing altitude so remember some warm clothes. The Atalantic Sea is cold and not to our likings for swimming.


Transportion: As it was a charter tour we did not have to worry about getting from the airport to the hotel. You can only fly to the main island Tenerife. From here we went by high speed ferry directly to Valle Gran Ray. I don´t fancy these boats as they are noicy and bumpy and really just a meen to get from A to B. When we returned to Tenerife at the end of our stay we were better prepared and brought our breakfast to eat on the boat.




Car rental: Also at Gomera we rented a car for the week and went on different tours around the island. We had searched the internet on beforehand looking for a car rental company and went to a company called Cicar and asked for Fiat 600. When he did not have any of this we had a Opel Astra TwinPort 1.6 liter for the same price. Not bad at all. On Cicar´s homepage you can find some very good maps of the Canary Islands.






Hotel Jardin del Conde has by far the best hotel apartments we have stayed in. Each apartment has a korridoor, a bead room, a big bath room and a very big kitchen and living room built together. The teresse opens up to a lush garden with a swimming pool. And here is the only 'but'. The water in the unheated swimming pool has the same temperature as the sea. I went for a swim once. Not long enough for my wife to make picture.





And what does Gomera have to offer. Well, everything and nothing.

This island is outstanding for hiking and there are lots of small hiking companys arranging guided tours in the hills. And they all speak German........

We met hikers every where but we only did a few short hikes our selves.





The nture is great but kind of repeating itself. The forrests are mainly from laurel and tree like sized heather. The views are fantastic and you can easily see the volcano Teide at Tenerife.







But the musical entertainment was a complete surprice as the small village showed up to be a place where artists meet. We went to listen to live music three times in a week ! And it was good music.

The picture shows Dos Gitarras who playes classical Spanish guitar music. They are very well known througout Spain.

Click on the picture to listen to about 30 seconds on their music. We bought their Live CD, fra 1998.