17 days in April 2010

Galapagos is an adventure into the nature at its best

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This tour is a package tour we arranged together with the Danish travel agency Team Benns.

About the Galapagos: Galapagos Islands belongs to Ecuador and are located in Pacific Ocean about a 1000 km off the coast of South America. Click for map.

Flyvetid: We fly with KLM from Billund to Quito via Amsterdam and Bonair in the Netherlands Antilles. From Quito we fly with Tame to the island Baltra. See route. Flying time about 15 timer !

Time difference: Galapagos Islands are 6 hours after CET. (8 hours in the sommer).

There are 13 bigger islands and number of smaller islands and reefs. The biggest island is Isabela but you usually fly to Baltra in the central part of the archipelago. Greates distance north-south is 350 km and east-west is 300 km.

Land area: About 7.880 km2 and 97 % of this declared a national park.
Currency: US$ like the rest of Ecuador.

Clima: The islands have their own clima that is quite different from from the main land. The dry season from Juli till December is called Garua. April and May are the wettest and warmest period but still concidered to be the best travel time as the water is warm and nice for snorkeling and diving. The weather can be quite rough in August and September and it can be an unpleasent time to go for a cruise.

We spent a few days in Ecuador both before and after the visit to the Galapagos but the cruise around the islands are ofcourse the most important part of this journey.
Right after landing on Baltra we board the ship Samba that will bring us around a great part of the islands on an 8 day cruise. All together it will cover a distance of about 400 nautical miles or 750 km. See the route here.

We choose to go with Samba as it is one of the smallest cruise ships in the Galapagos and because it sails all the way around Isabela and Fernandina.

Cruise day by day:
Day 1    Arrival at Baltra and boarding. Landing at Plaza Island.
Day 2    Visiting Darwin Research Center in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island.
Day 3    Espanóla - 2 landings.
Day 4    Floreana - 2 landings followed by 10 hours of sailing.
Day 5    Isabela - 2 landings.
Day 6    Landing at the northern Isabela and after that sailing to Fernandina with one landing followed by 10 hours af sailing.
Day 7    Should have landed at Santiago but because of heavy weather the captain decided to go to Beagle Island instead.
Day 8    Northern Santa Cruz and finally returning to Baltra.

After this cruise we went to Isabela to hike up to the top of vulcano Sierra Negra to see one of the biggest craters in the world. It is 10 by 10 kilometers wide and really impressing.

After another couple of days in Ecuadors capitol, Quito, we fly home to Denmark after the most fantastic experiences we have ever had. Nothing can be compared to the Galapagos Islands.