Se Din Verden

'See your world'

'See Your World' is an encuragement to get you to see the world you live in.
This site tells what I see in my world.

Behind the camera

Thailand 2004 Turkey 2006 Madagascar 2011
Ecuador 2005 Botswana 2007 Madagascar birds
Spain 2005 Galapagos Islands 2010  


Denmark is our home base and our journeys ofcourse takes off from here.








We have traveled a lot in Denmark and we love our country and its great nature and weather.


Still we travel to others parts of the world to see how other people live their lives.
This site is our travel diary.
I hope these travel descriptions will inspire others past fifty to go traveling.
Just like when we were young......... Or kind of.

You will find travel descriptions in English at the top of this page
(they will be uploaded as I finish translating).

I have decided to leave all picture comments in Danish (too much work translating it)
but you are welcome to contact me with questions on specific locations or photos.
As you will see the names of birds and animals are mainly in English as we do not know the Danish names.

I put a lot of pictures into the photo albums.
Amongst others we have a tradition of taking pictures of every place we overnight, even if it is for a single night only.

Tip: All  photo albums will start in new window or pane. So when you have finished watching the pictures you do not need to scroll back through the pages but simply close down the window or pane.


In the left pane you will find a menu of other pages in Danish. Like 'Our garden' and 'The year in my family'. These pages I will not translate into English as they are mainly addressed to our family and friends. But you are ofcourse welcome to visit these pages as well.

Only the page 'Behind the camera' I have translated as this introduces the camera equipment used.
For those interested.
This is also where you will find my mail address if you have questions or comments.





Have a nice journey !