Behind the camera

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I have taken pictures using single lens cameras since 1978 and since 2005 digital cameras.
Today I use as follows:
   Pentax K-7
   Pentax 10-17 mm, 3.5-4.5
   Pentax 16-50 mm, f/2.8
   Pentax 200 mm, f/2.8

My old Sigma lense, 18-125 mm, f/3.5-5.6 is now permanently mounted with macro filters as described below.

The Pentax 10-17 mm lense is also called a 'fish eye' lense. Click on the small photos and watch the samples to see why.



Some times I take pictures I paticular like but don´t know where to put. I have decided to show them here. They do not necessarely have any connection to anything but they either tell a story or I just like the composition. So watch them and take them for what they are; My favorits:

Pictures of tree sparrows taken at one of the bird feeding places in my garden. The photos are shot at highest shutter speed possible and 6 frames per second. They are not high quality but the show the drama about the feeding place and the fight about rank between the birds.

A short video with the same theme as above. The video contains about 140 photos displayed at ½ second per frame.

Macro photo has been my interest for many years and digital photography makes it even better as you can take a lot of pictures with no extra cost. Furthermore you have the possibility to work with the pictures in one of the many computer programs that are now available.
I can recommend the use of macro filters as they are very cheap compared to a good macro lens.

The set of filters on the picture concists of three filters that can be combined to expand the effect. The +2 and +4 combined gives realy close up photos but ofcourse the depth of field is not great.




Studio photography is not one of my main interests but I have used it profesionally.
You can make a studio in a simple way by using white paper background and any kind of simple light. Use a tripod for your camera and you can get quite good and interesting photos. Klick on the small photo to see an example.

The small statue of Shiva is ablout 10 centimeters tall.




We have bought a second camera for my wife as I cannot allways catch all the good situations.

The G11 from Canon performs very well with pictures of a good quality. It can be operated from fully automatic to fully manual.

It also replaces the Pentax in places where I want to be more descrete.





Under water photography is a great experince. The small Olympus kamera, TG810 is waterproof to depth of 10 meters and is good for snorkeling. All under water photos before 2012 are taken with the old Olympus 720W that it replaces.
The TG810 also has a built in GPS so we can track where we have been. Nice when we go to places whithout roads or other landmarks.

See UV pictures from Tyrkey , Egypt and Galapagos.



To get some background sound recordings I use the very small and handy Zoom H4.

Klick on the picture of the musicians to get an example. It is recorded in MP3 mode. Very impressing.